Icon Water provides water and sewerage services to the ACT, but setting the price for these services is the role of the Independent Competition and Regulatory Commission (ICRC).
This website is a summary of our proposal to the ICRC explaining how much it will cost to operate for the next five years (July 2018 to June 2023) - and ultimately what this means for your bill.

Icon Water in Canberra

Some of our annual costs - read more

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~400 staff
26 trucks on the road
24/7 365 days a year~172,000 customers

74 Acts and codes that
regulate our services

6600km of pipe
(That's Tuggeranong to Tahiti!)
42 billion litres of water per year
35 billion litres of sewage per year

48 reservoirs
51 pump stations (water + sewage)
4 treatment plants (water + sewage)
4 water supply dams

Our challenges

No matter what happens you can trust us to keep our networks operating. To do this there are a lot of things we need to consider.

We make sure we're prepared for population density and growth.

We're always exploring ways to invest in more efficient technologies.

Canberra's spread out, so we have twice the length of pipe per person than Sydney does. And we are always ready to fix them if they burst.

As an inland city we have to treat sewage to a much higher standard because we put it back into a river, not the ocean.

Delivering these services to our community costs money


What you value

Our proposal to the ICRC is about getting the balance right between cost and service. Part of this was asking you what you value most.
Scale representing the balance between cost and service
In a nutshell you said...
Our proposal to the ICRC is about getting the balance right between cost and service. Part of this was asking you what you value most.
You'd rather invest in reducing the risk of a sewer overflow than an interruption to your water.
You value affordable pricing more than improving our current service levels.
Canberra's top 5 priorities
Quality drinking water
Reliable supply
Affordable pricing
Customer service
Quality drinking water and reliable supply are four times more important to you than any other priority.
We also have to make sure...
We're meeting our non-negotiable compliance and governance requirements.

See what these are.
We're prioritising projects based on condition and consequence.

See what these are.

Proposed Projects

Based on all of the above, here are a few capex projects we're proposing.

More projects here.

Lower Molonglo Bioreactor Project

In a nutshell: Designing bigger bioreactor tanks which hold 20% more ammonia-eating micro-organisms for sewage treatment.

The benefit is: We can handle larger amounts of sewage in our sewage treatment plant.


Reservoir roof replacement program

In a nutshell: Replacing the water reservoir roofs and improving floor joints.

The benefit is: Safeguards the quality of your water by making sure it can't be contaminated.


Water main replacement program

In a nutshell:We've scaled back our program based on your feedback and will be replacing more than 40km of water pipes at high risk of failure.

The benefit is: Lower risk of pipes bursting and providing sufficient water pressure for firefighters.


Reducing our costs

We're on a journey with people, process and technology and by 2023 we'll be running our business 7% more efficiently than we currently are in 2017.

People, better allocation of skill. Symbol of an Icon Water employee
Process, asset management approach. Symbol of a pipe to represent assets
ICT Improvements. Symbol to represent the relationship between machinery and technology

We've done a lot of work over the last few years to run our business more efficiently. This means we can keep bills steady while still meeting your needs and our responsibilities.

How your price is calculated

This image is a simplification of how we calculate your price. Click the question mark for more information.
Graphical representation of how we add capital expenditure, operational expenditure and uncontrollable costs and divide it by the forecast of water and sewerage connection and consumption to determine your water bill
Net Revenue Requirement

We calculate a dollar figure for water and sewerage separately for every year of the 5 year regulatory period.

Demand forecast

Expected water and sewerage connections and consumption for large and small users.

Your price for water and sewerage


Calculate your proposed bill

Use the calculator below to see what your bill would look like if the ICRC accepts this proposal.

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