What you value

How your input has informed this proposal

This website is a summary of Icon Water's proposal to the Independent Competition and Regulatory Commission (ICRC) on water and sewerage prices (1 July 2018-30 June 2023). Since this site was launched in July 2017, the ICRC has responded (12 December 2017) with a draft price decision. Read more about the ICRC's draft decisionand the timeline for the final decision

When we asked you what you valued, you told us quality drinking water and reliability of supply are four times more important than any other priority. Other things you told us are important include onsite services for building and construction sites, emerging technologies and community activities.

We also asked other questions to make sure we understand what is most important to you. See some of the questions and your answers, below. 

Are you happy with how we do things now? #faq-content-1495153344333

Every year we conduct a Satisfaction Survey to see how we’re going from your perspective.

Overall satisfaction from 2015 to 2016 dropped by 11% from 93% to 82%, which is largely because of an increase from 5% to 16% in the number of people who are neither satisfied nor unsatisfied.

In relation to your top five priorities:

  • you think we could try harder at meeting your expectations for customer service and affordable pricing
  • you were happy with the quality of drinking water, reliability of your supply and the way we contribute to environmental sustainability.
Should we focus our efforts on preventing issues or reducing the time it takes to fix an issue? #faq-content-1495512831249

In 2003 the majority of customers wanted us to invest in ways to reduce the risk of water restrictions, water supply interruptions and sewer overflows.

In 2012 customers concern shifted solely to increasing water security to reduce the risk of water restrictions.

Now in 2017, with exceptional water security, the focus has shifted back to water supply interruptions and sewer overflows. 

How much are service improvements worth to you? #faq-content-1495512855076

Although you value reliability of supply and would like to reduce the risk of a water main burst or a sewer overflow, affordability is still a major concern.

It’s our job to find the right balance between cost and service. We can’t let the infrastructure decay – so we integrate your preferences, our obligations and the conditions of our assets to determine where we should invest.

The Water Mains Renewal Program is an example of how we have reduced our intended spending based on what you’ve told us. 

Would you like to change the current price structure (tariff) of water? #faq-content-1495520593019

Our tariff, in 2017-18, is structured with a fixed price ($104.21 per year), a Tier 1 price of $2.68/kL for the first 50 kilolitres per quarter (kL, or 50 thousand litres) and a Tier 2 price of $5.38/kL for usage over 50kL per quarter.

Compared to most other water utilities, our fixed price is quite low and our Tier 2 price is quite high to discourage excess water use during the millennium drought from 2000-2010.

Now that we have a secure water source for at least the next generation, many Canberrans are questioning whether our tariff structure still works. Some of you said you felt you were being penalised for wanting to maintain the gardens and lawns Canberra is known for; water-using businesses also felt the balance wasn't right. 

We’re proposing some small changes to address this over time, which are outlined in more detail in Crunching the numbers

The end result - we're keeping bills steady while still meeting your needs, our responsibilities and our obligations.

We've achieved this through a lot of work over the last
few years to run our business more efficiently.